Accuplacer – Placement Tests

Dear Accepted Student:

You must take three Next-Generation ACCUPLACER tests to determine placement in the appropriate academic courses before registering for your first schedule of classes:

• The reading test evaluates your ability to discern meaning from passages; ability to discern the meaning of words and phrases in context; and knowledge and skills in information and ideas, rhetoric, synthesis and vocabulary.  Sample reading test questions are available here

• The writing test evaluates your ability to revise and edit the text of multiple paragraphs; ability to express ideas; and ability in usage, punctuation and standard English sentence structure.  Sample writing test questions are available here

• The WritePlacer test measures your ability to write effectively based on focus, organization, development/support, sentence structure and mechanical conventions.  Sample WritePlacer test questions are available here.

The test takes approximately two to three hours to complete, and the results will be emailed to you.

How to prepare for your test:

1. Review the sample questions referenced above and download the web-based ACCUPLACER study app by clicking here.

2. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before test time.
3. No dictionaries or other resources – either handheld or online – are allowed, and no electronic devices, food, drink or personal items may be out during testing.
4. Bring a valid photo identification, such as a driver’s license or current high school ID.
5. Get a good night’s sleep.
6. Eat a light meal or a snack before entering the classroom/test site.

Course placements are based on scores as follows:

Reading & Composition: WritePlacer – 6-8; Reading – 251-300; Writing – 246-300

Academic Writing Lab & Reading & Composition:  WritePlacer – 5 or lower; Reading – 200-250; Writing – 200-245

If you require disability accommodations or live too far away to complete testing on site at DCAD, contact Admissions at 302.622.8867 x.111.