Portfolio Requirements

Art and Design Students
A portfolio of artwork is required for admission into DCAD's Associate of Fine Arts Degree Program. The work should demonstrate your abilities in the areas of drawing, composition, color and design.

All applicants living within a 200-mile radius of DCAD and Wilmington, Delaware, are invited to visit the College in person for a portfolio review, interview, and tour of the school. For the portfolio review, select your best artwork completed within the last two years. The portfolio should include 15 to 20 pieces of original artwork. At least five pieces should be drawings from direct observation. The balance of the portfolio can include artwork in the media and style of your choice. This might include pastel, pen and ink, watercolor, oil or acrylic paint, and black and white or color photography. We also encourage applicants to bring their sketchbooks. If you plan to bring 3-D work such as sculpture or ceramics, please package it carefully. We recommend slides or photographs of 3-D work. Please remember to limit your portfolio to a maximum of 20 pieces.

Digital Portfolios
Applicants who cannot visit in person may send a digital portfolio to the Admissions Office.

Applicants may submit their portfolio by downloading their images to the DCAD Slideroom. For a $10 fee, Slideroom allows the applicant to submit up to 20 still images, or a combination of still images and video. To access the DCAD Slideroom, visit https://dcad.slideroom.com/.

Portfolios may be mailed to the DCAD Admissions Office and submitted digitally on a CD and should include files in .jpeg format, approximately 600 x 800 pixels and 1.5 MB in size. If the applicant’s name, the work’s title, size and medium are not included as part of the image file, a text file with that information and reference to the appropriate image file should be included. The CD should be clearly labeled with the student’s name. CDs will be returned upon request when a self-addressed, stamped envelope is provided.

Download Portfolio Requirements (PDF)