DCAD Students
Applications are currently being accepted for Fall 2018!

Please complete the application requirements as listed below:

Applications for admission to the Delaware College of Art and Design consist of the following:

1.  The Application for Admission and a non-refundable application fee of $40 ($80 for international students)

2.  A Portfolio Review: All applicants are invited to visit the College in person for a portfolio review and tour of the school. Applicants who cannot visit in person may upload their portfolio on as outlined under Portfolio Requirements.Letters of

3.  Recommendation: One letter of recommendation is requested from an art teacher or academic teacher. For students who have been out of school for three years or more, a letter from someone who knows you in a professional manner is acceptable. Letters of recommendation must be sent directly to the DCAD Admissions Office or faxed to 302.622.8870. 

4.  High School Transcripts and optional SAT or ACT scores: All applicants must have received a high school diploma or the equivalent prior to entering DCAD. Official copies of all high school transcripts must be forwarded to the DCAD Admissions Office. The submission of SAT or ACT scores, though not required, is highly recommended. Applicants should ensure that all standardized test scores (SAT or ACT), if available, are included with their transcripts. DCAD's CEEB code is 5161.  Download a Transcript Request form for your high school or college here.

  • Transfer Students: The Delaware College of Art and Design welcomes applications from qualified students who have begun their undergraduate career at another higher education institution. DCAD offers rolling admissions that allows transfer students to apply for the fall semester. Under the selective admissions process, transfer applicants are encouraged to submit their application materials as early as possible to ensure space availability. After submitting the Application for Admission and application fee, applicants should send official high school and college transcripts and schedule an appointment for a portfolio review, interview, and campus tour. If an applicant cannot personally present the portfolio for geographic reasons, please refer to the Associate of Fine Arts admissions application requirements for sending images for review. The primary criteria for acceptance are portfolio quality and acceptable official transcripts that indicate G.P.A., course titles, and grades. The required portfolio must contain works from studio courses for which transfer credit is sought and which meet the curricular demands of the DCAD A.F.A. degree.

    All transfer credits must be grades of “C” or higher awarded from fully accredited institutions to be considered for equivalent course credits at DCAD; credits must have been earned in the last eight years. Transfer credits are considered for course similarity or equivalencies in content and expected learning outcomes. Course syllabi are required for all courses being considered for transfer. While courses at other institutions may have similar titles, acceptance of studio transfer credit relies greatly on the portfolio review. A maximum of 29 credits are accepted for transfer toward the Associates of Fine Arts degree with 39 to 41 credits completed within DCAD’s curricula to earn an A.F.A. degree. The dean is ultimately responsible for transfer credit approval. Students may petition the dean to reevaluate credits during their first semester of enrollment at the College. Transfer credits are noted on official DCAD transcripts and a copy of the transfer credit evaluation is forwarded to the applicant, academic dean, and registrar, and will be placed in the student’s file for review by the students’ academic advisor during semester registration.Transfer credits are only accepted for coursework at an accredited institution, not for “life experience”.  Please visit DCAD's Consumer Information page for complete Credit Hour and Transfer of Credit Policies. 
  • Credit by AP Examination: DCAD accepts credits under the Advanced Placement (AP) program of the College Board. Students receiving a grade of 4 or 5 in academic subjects receive 3 credits toward the DCAD Associate of Fine Arts Degree. A grade of 5 in the Art History AP exam entitles a student to receive credit for the equivalent art history course at DCAD. A grade of 4 or 5 in AP English can be credited toward a Writing and Literature course. In studio areas, scores of 5 in either Drawing or the Studio Art AP exam entitles students to submit a portfolio for evaluation by the Area Coordinator of Foundations for possible first-year studio credit.


Early Action applications and supporting documents must be postmarked by December 1, 2017 for fall 2018 admission.  The primary reason to apply Early Action to DCAD is to receive an admission and merit scholarship decision before January 1 of your senior year.

The Admissions Office uses the same admission standards during Early Action and rolling admission processes. The only difference for Early Action applicants is that these are the first applications reviewed; therefore more seats are available at this time.

DCAD Early Action

  • Non-binding / non-restrictive (this means you can still apply to other colleges and/or attend another college).
  • May 1 tuition deposit deadline (same deadline as regular admission; you are not required to make your college decision early).
  • Apply by December 1 (submit all materials including application, HS transcript, portfolio).
  • Admission and merit scholarship decisions mailed out before Winter Break.


The deadline to be considered for DCAD's Merit-Based Scholarships is March 15.