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For those interested in visual communication via the web or print, DCAD offers introductory and advanced classes to enable students to keep abreast of the latest technology through small, personalized classes taught by working professionals in each field.  Through demonstrations, discussions and hands-on, project-focused work, students build their creative toolbox.
All Continuing Education students have the opportunity to exhibit their work within DCAD’s Toni & Stuart B. Young Gallery at the annual Continuing Education Exhibition.

Classes are open to the community as part-time, non-degree courses of study.

Join us!  Whether you are interested in sharpening your skills, enhancing your artistic abilities, or advancing your career, we have classes that fit your interests and schedule.  For information, advisement or a tour, contact jcampbell@dcad.edu at 302.622.8867 x.110.

Register online or via phone at 302.622.8867 ext. 110.

Classes & Workshops include:

Adobe InDesign I

Adobe InDesign II

Adobe Muse

Basic Layout & Typography for Web and Print

Illustration with Vector Graphics: Intermediate Illustrator

Image Composition & Enhancement: Beginning Photoshop (MAC)

Image Retouching & Restoration: Intermediate Photoshop (MAC)

Interactive Design & Animation for the Web I

Interactive Design & Animation for the Web II

Introduction to Graphic Design for Web and Print

Introduction to Video Editing in Premier Pro

Logo Design with Vector Graphics: Beginning Illustrator

Portfolio Workshop for Web & Graphic Design

Web Design Fundamentals

Web Design with Adobe Dreamweaver & CSS I

Web Design with Adobe Dreamweaver & CSS II

Register online or via phone at 302.622.8867 ext. 110.

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Dave Manzolillo Tuesday 9/15 - 10/20 6 - 9:15 PM $300.00 $35.00 lab fee
InDesign is the latest tool for page layout and electronic pre-press preparation. Because it’s an Adobe product, InDesign is designed to work with Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. In this course you will gain basic experience with the software as you work with page layout creation, creating and formatting text, inputting and manipulating images, and gain a basic understanding of color as it relates to printing. Exercises are designed to take full advantage of the basic tools within InDesign. Macintosh knowledge required.

Dave Manzolillo Tuesday 10/27 - 12/1 6 - 9:15 PM $300.00 $35.00 lab fee
Expand your knowledge of this powerful layout and production tool. Students will learn to create complex multi-page documents utilizing master pages and advanced paragraph and character styles (including the new nested styles feature). The use of tables within InDesign will be explored to automate design tasks. InDesign’s robust PDF export capabilities, along with its helpful preflight and document packaging functions, will also be explored. Prerequisite: Adobe InDesign I.

Rob Whitehead Wednesday 10/28 - 12/9 6 - 9:15 PM $300.00 $35.00 lab fee
Adobe® Muse™ is part of the Creative Cloud™ software that allows you to create a compelling website without writing any code. Similar to Adobe InDesign (with master pages and layers), the site is developed visually, so users do not need to be concerned about the underlying code. The course will begin with an overview of Muse and then students will quickly begin building a complete website with functional navigation, a Google map, a contact form, an image gallery, and employ some of the new web fonts available from the Adobe Edge Web Fonts. The class is very hands-on and no knowledge of web coding is required. The class is geared for beginner and intermediate levels of design.

Joy Smoker Thursday 9/17 - 12/10 6 - 9:15 PM $490.00 $35.00 lab fee
Learn to communicate effectively using principles of design and typography. Issues of space, texture, color, rhythm and meaning are addressed. Type and visual elements are combined to create effective layouts. Computer typography is introduced. Mac comptency required.

Jason Olney Monday 10/26 - 11/30 6 - 9:15 PM $300.00 $35.00 lab fee
Build on your basic understanding of Illustrator in this hands-on course. Explore the advanced capabilities of the software by creating dynamic type effects and using blends for realistic illustrations. Learn to integrate illustrations with Adobe Photoshop and web applications through a variety of problem solving exercises. Prerequisite: Adobe Illustrator I.

Jason Olney Saturday 9/19 - 10/24 10 AM - 1 PM $300.00 $35.00 lab fee
This course introduces the new user to Photoshop, the most widely-used image processing and manipulation application for the desktop. Students explore this program’s powerful painting, color-correction, and retouching tools and investigate the relationship between image capture, resolution and output quality. Basic computer knowledge required.

Jason Olney Saturday 10/31 - 12/12 10 AM - 1 PM $300.00 $35.00 lab fee
Build on your basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop. Learn to unleash the power of this program through an exploration of layers, masks, paths and channels. Customize the application by combining multiple images from diverse sources. Prerequisite: Adobe Photoshop I.

Charley Parker Wednesday 9/16 - 10/21 6 - 9:15 PM $300.00 $35.00 lab fee
Learn the basics of HTML5 motion graphics and animation for websites and banner ads, using Adobe Edge Animate.  Students will learn to prepare and import graphics and create an HTML5 animated motion graphics presentation, as might be used for the introduction for a website, and add basic interactivity. Students will also create an animated banner ad, with attention to typical requirements for commercial banner ad placement. The course includes an overview of HTML5 animation tools and options for publishing to various platforms, including the iPad and other mobile devices. The use of Adobe Flash will also be covered.

Charley Parker Wednesday 10/28 - 12/9 6 - 9:15 PM $300.00 $35.00 lab fee
Learn more sophisticated HTML5 web animation techniques, with attention to issues of timing, easing, encapsulating motion ("symbols") and the use of simple scripting to control timeline functions. Students will learn how to provide interactivity for responding to user input within a motion graphic presentation. Animated GIFs and the Google Web Designer banner ad creation tool will also be covered, along with the use of HTML5 animation tools to prepare static webpages, and the incorporation of existing HTML elements into HTML5 animations. The course includes an overview of the current state of HTML5 and Flash animation, and potential future trends, including the increasing importance of design for mobile devices. 

Introduction to Graphic Design for Web and Print

Joy Smoker Tuesday 9/15 - 12/1 6 - 9:15 PM $490.00 $35.00 lab fee
This introduction to current computer graphics technology includes an overview of page-layout, vector-based illustration and pixel-based digital imaging software. Publishing techniques, rough composition skills, concept development and fundamentals of typography are introduced as students learn how such technology is used in real world applications. Mac OS knowledge required.

Rob Whitehead Saturday One Session, 10/31 10 AM - 4 PM $100.00 
Learn the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-leading video editing software, from instructor Rob Whitehead. The one day workshop will give students a sampling of how to edit, manipulate, and export video projects for personal use such as the web or making a DVD video presentation. Topics include working with imported media, timelines, transitions, and special effects; outputting files to various formats and how to work within the Creative Cloud.

Jason Olney Monday 9/14 - 10/19 6 - 9:15 PM $300.00 $35.00 lab fee
One of the backbones of modern graphic design and electronic publishing, Illustrator is the leading vector-based illustration software available. This course instructs the beginning student in the software’s typical uses in today’s design and publishing environment – covering basic drawing, tracing and typographic techniques. Mac OS competency required.

Rob Whitehead Monday 10/26, 11/9, 11/23, 12/7 6 - 8 PM $200.00 
In a critique environment, students will develop their portfolio through new web and/ or graphic design assignments to demonstrate their creative and technical skills, ultimately expanding their body of work in order to enhance marketability. This course is recommended for all advanced Certificate students.

Warren Chase Thursday 9/17 - 12/10 6 - 9:15 PM $490.00 $35.00 lab fee  
The first course in the Web Design Certificate program is open to Certificate and non-Certificate students and explores the major components of website development, including HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Graphic creation. Students will learn how to format text and control page layout; create compressed graphics and manipulate color schemes; understand hyperlinks and build comprehensive web navigation; develop online forms; understand website directory structure; and apply basic guidelines for search engine optimization. Students will employ their new knowledge to construct a functional website for a final project. Prerequisite: Photoshop I.

Web Design with Adobe Dreamweaver & CSSI

Herb Sparks Monday 10/26 - 11/30 6 - 9:15 PM $300.00 $35.00 lab fee
In this intermediate level class, students will expand their understanding of Dreamweaver by exploring advanced programming capabilities, including behaviors, cascading style sheets, and Dynamic HTML. Prerequisite: Dreamweaver I.

Register online or via phone at 302.622.8867 ext. 110.