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"I thoroughly enjoyed this class and was delighted to be able to pursue a personal interest that has been developing over the years. It was hard - but very satisfying - work!"
Donna W.
Interior Design

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For students with a passion for Interior Design, DCAD offers courses that provide a firm foundation in color, materials, lighting, space planning and drawing as well as digital drafting software. Taught by professional interior designers, students gain creative and technical skills through portfolio-building work.  

All Continuing Education students have the opportunity to exhibit their work within DCAD’s Toni & Stuart B. Young Gallery at the annual Continuing Education Exhibition.

Classes are open to the community as part-time, non-degree courses of study.

Join us!  Whether you are interested in sharpening your skills, enhancing your artistic abilities, or advancing your career, we have classes that fit your interests and schedule.  For information, advisement or a tour, contact at 302.622.8867 x.110.

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Spring Courses & Workshops include:

Color & Materials

Digital Design for Interior Designers II

Drawing Essentials for Interior Designers

Introduction to Interior Design

Residential Design

Rosemary Kelly Wednesday 2/24 - 5/11; 6 - 9:15 PM $460

This is an introduction to materials used as a means of expression by the interior designer. The course examines functional and aesthetic properties of specific interior finishes available to the designer.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Interior Design.

Jason Birl Wednesday 2/24 - 5/11; 6 - 9:15 PM $460; $35 lab fee

Extend and increase your digital design vocabulary and technical skills with emphasis on using the computer as a design tool. Topics will include: creating a three-dimensional model, creating a comprehensive project using CAD drafting skills and 3D modeling, adding life and texture to a project using line weight, texture, lighting and entourage. Prerequisite: AutoCAD I/Digital Design Communication I.  Students must bring a portable USB flash drive (min. 64 mb) to save classwork.

Jackie Stuchlik Monday 2/22 - 5/9; 6 - 9:15 PM $460.00

This twelve-session course introduces students to drawing skills needed for visual communication by interior designers.  Developed for students with no prior drawing experience, the course will focus on freehand sketching.  The course will build skills by progressing through the basics of drawing from direct observation; analysis of geometry; 1- and 2-point perspective; creation of floor plans; and will conclude with a final project which will involve the analysis and drawing of a space which encompasses the floor plan, cross-section, elevation, and color rendering of the interior and furnishings.  No prerequisites; this class is open to all interested in drawing basics for interior design.

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Introduction to Interior Design

Julie Cargill Thursday 2/25 - 5/12; 6 - 9:15 PM $460.00

A fundamental course in design as it relates to the interior environment, surveying both the elements and principles of design. Students explore interior design as a profession, examine space planning and finishes and develop basic drafting skills. This class is the prerequisite for all subsequent design courses in DCAD’s Interior Design Certificate Program.

Nile Johnson Monday 2/22 - 5/9; $460


Explore the residential interior as a life-space. Identify goals and planning of living spaces to correlate with lifestyles and stages of the human life cycle. Learn to design and illustrate areas for inhabitants based on physical, psychological and social needs. The class follows a studio/ lecture format, with students developing projects from initial planning to finished floor plans and presentation strategy. Prerequisite: Introduction to Interior Design; Lighting Design.

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Register now online or via phone (302.622.8867 x.110).