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...Definitely expanded my knowledge of composition skills.  Mary S.

Both new and experienced photographers can benefit from continuing education in photography.   From traditional film photography within our expansive darkroom to advanced digital imaging techniques in our labs, DCAD offers hands-on experiences through assignment and critiques.  Challenging, personalized and portfolio-building classes are taught by professional, exhibiting photographers who help bring our students’ vision into focus.  Classes range from the introductory to specific, creative problem-solving workshops designed for photographers with an emphasis in building each student’s creative and technical skills.  

All Continuing Education students have the opportunity to exhibit their work within DCAD’s Toni & Stuart B. Young Gallery at the annual Continuing Education Exhibition.

Classes are open to the community as part-time, non-degree courses of study.

Join us!  Whether you are interested in sharpening your skills, enhancing your artistic abilities, or advancing your career, we have classes that fit your interests and schedule.  For information, advisement or a tour, contact at 302.622.8867 x.110.

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Summer Courses include:

Instructor: Kathy Buckalew
Tues. & Thur., July 22 – August 28; 6 PM – 9:15 PM
NON–CREDIT Tuition: $490 / Lab Fee: $35; 3.9 CEUs
This course is designed for the novice and stresses
basic photographic principles in a digital platform.
Students will learn to make critical decisions in
image making from visualization to print. Basic
digital camera functions will be covered including
exposure aperture, shutter speed, ISO, metering,
image capture and file types. Students will transfer
images to a high-end digital work station where
basic editing, retouching, color management and
printing will be covered using the latest version of
Adobe Photoshop. Critical discussion of both print
and screen images will occur weekly to enhance
the student’s understanding of subject matter,
composition and other aesthetic considerations.
At least two class periods will be reserved for
photo field trips so that students can practice
what is covered with the instructor’s supervision.
Students must provide their own transportation
for scheduled field trips.

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Instructor: Randle Reed
Wednesday, June 11 – July 16; 6 PM – 9:15 PM
NON-CREDIT Tuition: $250 / Lab Fee: $35; 2 CEUs
Students will take their photography skills to
the next level by creating weekly assignments
and participating in critiques. Topics explored
will include ease in front of and behind the
camera, approaching, approaching subjects, and
developing a personal style. Assignments will
touch on techniques for traditional portraits,
fashion, lifestyle and photojournalism. Historical
perspective as well as current trends will be
discussed. Each student must have a good working
digital camera, a reliable computer and at least a
2GB jump drive. Pre-requisite: Digital Photography I.

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Instructor: Leon Syfrit
Monday, June 9 – July 14; 6 PM – 9:15 PM
NON-CREDIT Tuition: $250 / Lab Fee: $35; 2 CEUS
Journey into the past and discover the beauty
and simplicity of the cyanotype photographic
process. We will briefly explore the history of the
cyanotype process, and view samples of successful
cyanotype images before creating our own.
Students will learn how to make a digital negative,
examine several methods for applying the
cyanotype emulsion on paper, and be introduced
to the ultraviolet light box as a method of image
exposure. This workshop will also introduce
students to several household items that may be
used to tone their finished cyanotype prints. No
previous photographic knowledge is required for
this workshop. Students will need to provide a
picture to create their digital negative. The best
approach will be to store an image on a flash drive
or portable hard drive to bring to class. Students
will gain an understanding of making cyanotypes
as well as become familiar with the necessary
tools and methodology for continued cyanotype

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Instructor: Randy Ciurlino
Thursday, June 12 – July 17; 6 PM – 9:15 PM
NON–CREDIT Tuition: $250/Lab Fee: $35; 2 CEUs
Learn the fundamentals of black and white
photography in a state-of-the-art laboratory
setting. Detailed instruction will cover the
operation of the 35mm camera. Students will learn
to expose and develop film and contact prints. This
class will cover enlarging and finishing, as well as
procedures for manipulating the image. Group and
individual critiques focus on issues of composition
and design. Students must bring a 35mm camera
with manual controls; no experience required.

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