Associate of Fine Arts: Animation


Tracks for ANIMATION: 2-D and 3-D Animation

2-D Animation Track: Traditional techniques and digital tools are utilized for character performance and narrative in moving images.

3-D Animation Track: Computer graphics and rendering are used to produce animations with sound, image, and movement.

Mission: The Animation program focuses on the skills necessary for the production of independent and commercial applications. The primary objective of the curriculum is to prepare students with a foundation of knowledge and skills that can be applied to any of the varied contemporary uses of this medium, such as traditional character animation, clay animation, stop-motion or computer generated animation. DCAD’s program provides the fundamental drawing and design skills necessary to be successful in this field combined with an understanding of the principles of motion, storytelling and conceptual development, as well as the application of these disciplines to current technology.

Animation Curriculum: 2-D Animation Track or 3-D Animation Track

Program Goals & Competencies

Syllabi with Supply Lists & Costs:

Animation I

Drawing for Animation

Digital Technologies for Animation

Storyboarding and Storytelling

Character Animation

Experimental Animation

Digital Video

Introduction to Computer Animation

3-D Character Animation

Principles of 3-D Animation

Laptop and Software Recommendations