Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program provides the student with tools and process to successfully convey information to an individual or an audience of many. The graphic design curriculum provides the beginning designer with a foundation in principles, history, theory and professional practices of design.  It seeks to prepare them for further study at a four-year institution. Guided by a faculty of professional designers and design educators, students explore various approaches and solutions to design problems while developing the process of articulating their own unique visions as designers and artists. Wilmington’s significant corporate presence affords students the opportunity to interact with the professional design community and when appropriate , to work on actual client-based projects in the classroom.

The program goals of the Graphic Design major are:

  • That students receive an intensive design education skill set that provides them with the tools necessary to build on that experience.
  • That students acquire a combination of proven traditional design concepts coupled with the most current technology to be effective designers in today’s media environment.
  • That Graphic Design majors possess a core of knowledge that has prepared them for advanced study.
  • Graphic Design students create a portfolio of work that demonstrates accepted competencies appropriate for the AFA.

Laptop and Software Recommendations for the Graphic Design major. (PDF)

Graphic Design Program Syllabi & Supply List (PDF)