Artwork by Jamison Baker
In the Illustration program, students develop and sharpen skills that enable them to visually communicate ideas and to interpret a narrative effectively and convincingly. The program encompasses training of the hand, eye, and mind. Students are taught to become creative problem solvers, visual narrators, exploring ideas from  research through sketches to finished art, which may be drawn, painted, or created on a computer. At the same time, they learn the tools, materials, and techniques as it applies to create persuasive, visually appealing illustrations.

The program goals of the Illustration major are:

  • To  introduce the students to the critical skills needed for effective visual communication.
  • To develop strong visual solutions to problems and assignments.
  • To link the traditional concepts and practice of “drawing” as the illustrator's fundamental tool with the commercial applications and ever-changing markets.
  • To encourage creative risks and developing of  a personal direction reflected in a portfolio of assignments and projects.
  • To inform students about the historical continuity of the profession of Illustration and to give them a professional background of the field.

Laptop and Software Recommendations for the Illustration major. (PDF)

Illustration Syllabi & Supply Lists (PDF)