Placement Testing

students taking the ACCUPLACER tests


Register for August 7th Accuplacer Test - 10 AM

Accepted students must take three Next-Generation ACCUPLACER tests to determine placement in the appropriate academic courses before registering for their first schedule of classes:


  • • The reading test evaluates ability to discern meaning from passages; ability to discern the meaning of words and phrases in context; and knowledge and skills in information and ideas, rhetoric, synthesis and vocabulary. Sample reading test questions are available here.
  • • The writing test evaluates ability to revise and edit text of multiple paragraphs; ability to express ideas; and ability in usage, punctuation and standard English sentence structure. Sample writing test questions are available here.
  • • The WritePlacer test measures ability to write effectively based on focus, organization, development/support, sentence structure and mechanical conventions. Sample WritePlacer test questions are available here.

To prepare, students should review the sample questions referenced above and download the web-based ACCUPLACER study app by clicking hereAdditional free preparation resources are available at:

  • • The "Sentence Skills" and "Written Essay" tabs of Passaic County Community College’s site.
  • • This Camden County College video tips site.
  • • This sample test site.

Course placements based on scores are as follows:

  • Placement




    "Reading and Composition"




    "Academic Writing Lab" and "Reading and Composition"

    5 or lower



Students who require disability accommodations, who live too far away to complete testing on site at DCAD or who believe their test results don't accurately reflect their abilities may contact Kelicia Pitts in the Admissions Office at or 302-622-8000, ext. 118, to discuss.