Fine Arts

The mission of the Fine Arts program is to prepare students with a studio emphasis in drawing and painting, sculpture, or printmaking for the rigor of further study and studio practice at four-year institutions of art in design. Bridging the foundational year experience, students connect their own creative expression to a solid foundation of work from observation and perception.  Students will explore their technical abilities, critical awareness, knowledge of historical frameworks, and self-discipline to create a body of work that synthesizes with their own personal vision.

Fine Arts
  • To develop students’ technical skills, art historical knowledge, visual vocabulary and critical thinking abilities
  • To foster individual vision, expression, and creativity
  • To prepare students to transfer for further study at four-year colleges in fine arts or other areas of art and design
Fine Arts
  • Apply fine arts concepts, both current and historic; to produce well designed visual compositions
  • Apply a variety of fine art processes to execute works that exhibit a strong, personal vocabulary
  • Analyze their own creative thinking, critical awareness, and analytic skills to communicate and evolve visual ideas effectively

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Curriculum concentrations for fine arts
  • Painting & Drawing

    From direct observation and the human figure, develop a personal expression of meaning.

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  • Sculpture

    Conceptual and process oriented, gain a solid understanding of form and space.

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  • Printmaking

    Utilize traditional techniques, explore monotypes, etching and block printing to enhance formal practices.

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