Graphic Design

The mission of the Graphic Design program is to provide students with an understanding of visual design principles and technical skills as a means to successfully convey information to an audience and motivate a response. The curriculum is based on sound typographic principles, provides a historical foundation of theory, explores relevant design problems, and introduces professional practice and audience awareness as it seeks to prepare students for further study as they begin to articulate their own reasoning vision and voice.

Graphic Design
  • To introduce an intensive critical thinking education and skill set to support design thinking appropriate for an emerging student in the visual arts
  • To acquire a combination of proven traditional design concepts and industry-standard tools, which provide the opportunity necessary to become an effective designer
  • To possess a core of knowledge that prepares them for advanced study
  • To create a portfolio of work that demonstrates accepted competencies appropriate for the AFA
Graphic Design
  • Demonstrate knowledge of a graphic design problem-solving skill set
  • Create a system for information gathering, R and D and how to apply tools to problem solving
  • Demonstrate ability to use drawing as a primary visualization tool for image making process and as a structural guide for planning a successful message
  • Demonstrate the ability to present information as effective visual communication
  • Build a solid foundation for developing and understanding professional practice

Step inside our Graphic Design Studio

Concentrations for graphic design
  • Advertising Design

    Students will develop visual messages with conceptual content and apply to advertising media such as ads, posters and marketing collateral. Typography and image as linked tools are key points of emphasis.

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  • Communication Design

    Explore and create visual content applied to print and web media. Type as both communication and art define the basis of the graphic designer’s means of expression.

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