Liberal Arts

The mission of the Liberal Arts program is to provide students with a historical and interdisciplinary understanding of art and literature as well as language skills essential for aspiring artists and designers.  The curriculum supports a student’s studio experience by emphasizing the connection between visual, written and oral communication as well as developing critical thinking skills designed to promote the exploration of various creative, cultural and intellectual disciplines.

Liberal Arts
  • To apply a strong foundation in the liberal arts disciplines of art history, literature, and the core competencies in the studio program for transfer to a four-year program
  • To develop communication and critical thinking skills
  • To integrate a global and interdisciplinary knowledge, skills, and abilities important for the diverse society of the 21st century
  • To synthesize student’s appreciation for the inter-relationship between the liberal arts and the studio/design arts
Liberal Arts
  • Categorize works of art, literature, and design from various historical periods and global cultures
  • Analyze the significance of artistic and literary media, techniques, and designs and connect them to historical, cultural, religious, scientific, and stylistic contexts
  • Demonstrate their ability to ethically cite using a variety of credible sources, strategies, and approaches in written papers and oral presentations
  • Appreciate the diverse genres, styles, themes, and concepts of global literary and artistic masterpieces
  • Apply the conventions of English grammar and critical analysis to written and oral communication