Photography Certificate

The Photography Certificate Program is designed for beginning photographers, artists, designers or anyone who would like to take their photographic vision and current knowledge to another level.

If you are interested in changing careers or expanding your skills, these classes will provide a course of study that will take you through the fundamentals, as well as intermediate and advanced levels of black and white and digital photography. Aesthetics, process and individual creative vision will be emphasized to help students find their own unique style. Students acquire the technical skills to shoot, manipulate and print photographs with film and digital technology in courses that emphasize camera techniques, lighting methods, and use of computer software for modifying and printing digital files. In addition, students will begin to build a body of work and a professional portfolio.

Photography Certificate
  • Semester One

    Digital Photography I
    Adobe Photoshop I
    Adobe Photoshop II

  • Semester Two

    Black & White Photographic Techniques
    History of Photography or Documentary Photography
    Photography Elective 1

  • Semester Three

    Digital Photography II
    Photography Elective II

  • Semester Four

    Photographic Lighting
    Portfolio Workshop

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